June 6th, 2006:   The people in the pictures below have my friend�s T-Mobile Sidekick.  Instead of doing the honorable thing when finding someone�s phone in a taxi, they instead kept it.

I have found 8 cell phones in the last couple years in taxis.  EVERY single one I have contacted the owner (by leaving a message on their voice mail or by answering their phone and telling their friends that I have the phone) and returned it promptly.  When people have found my phone, they have also in turn returned it. 

When my friend realized that she had left the Sidekick in the taxi she asked me to immediately send a message to the phone saying that we would give a reward for the phone.  There was no response.  After a day of waiting, she had to go to the store and spend over $300 on a new Sidekick.  When she put her SIM card in, she saw that the person(s) that had taken the phone had not only signed on to AOL leaving their name and password in the phone, but they had taken pictures of themselves.

I immediately contacted the AOL name: Sashacristal8905 and requested that the Sidekick be returned.  I was immediately told that my �white ass� didn�t deserve it back.  That she was not a �white bitch� (my friend who is a blonde white girl had pics on the phone this person had obviously seen) stupid enough to return a phone she found.  After lots of threats, she said she and her boy would wait for me at:

Sashacristal8905: i got ball this is my adress 108 20 37 av corona come n do it iam give u the sidekick so I can hit you wit it

So, anyways..this is my story.  If you happen to know these people in the picture please let me know at: [email protected]  I am not going to go to the address posted above, because a.) Not going to waste my time going to a probable fake address b.) If it is real, there will be a physical altercation and I would probably wind up arrested which would do no good to anyone.  I�d rather just embarrass the thief as much as possible.  Teach them a lesson on the etiquette of returning peoples lost belongings.

  Thanx to some cyberwork of friends, found out they have a Myspace acct:

UPDATE #2: Some people are asking how we have their pics and AOL name.  The way a Sidekick works, is that when you use it, all the data on it get�s uploaded automatically to the T-Mobile server.  So pictures you have taken, AOL names and passwords  u have used, etc are all on the server.  So when my friend turned on her new Sidekick and put her new SIM card in, all the data downloaded on to her phone.  And that�s how we have everything.  

Some people also suggested this may be a ploy of some kind.  If you notice, there are NO ads on this website.  There are NO outside links besides the one to their MySpace page.  I am only doing this to bring embarrassment to people who have no moral value in this world. 

UPDATE #3: More questions answered.  My friend left her Sidekick II in a taxi inManhattan (where we live).  The person(s) that took it live in Corona  Queens which is part of NYC.  As for contacting the police, a NYPD officer has contacted me already (he found this link on a blog) and informed me how to handle this situation.  My friend and I will stop by a police station tomorrow with the receipt and serial.  Another friend at T-Mobile has already gotten us the records we need to prove that these people took the phone as well as the numbers that they called with it.  Right now, I am more concerned about spreading this story.  I want people to realize that what goes around, comes around.  If you find a phone in a taxi or elsewhere.. it is NOT yours.. return it�.and when u lose an item, then the same will happen for u.  This is not a religious endeavor or a moral endeavor�.this is a HUMANITY endeavor.  I want these people SHAMED into realizing what they have done.  The man below in the pic is 25 years old.  He should know better.  This website is linked on many many blog pages and bulletin boards (I will paste which ones later when I finish reading all the emails).  Spread the word.

UPDATE #4: Wow...Front page of  Sweet.'s working...They are getting really pissed off.  "Luigi" sent me an email just now:
"listen you dumb mother fucker  my sister bought that phone from some cab driver so what the fuck do you want . shes not going to return it if she bought it, and am military police so dont give me that bullshit about you going to the cops over a lost phone the nypd has better things to do then to worry about your friend losing her phone. you better stop harrasing my sister or you'll have to deal with me and you dont want that" 
This came from the email account: [email protected] .  He also has a page on Myspace:  The problem with his story is that his SISTER told me in an IM that HE found the Sidekick in a taxi..and that HE gave it to her to use...  Nothing about it being sold to her.  On top of that,IsentmessagestothatSidekickeveryotherhoursaying<REWARDIFFOUND>.  So he knew "what time it was". 

UPDATE #5: I got some more Myspace accounts for these people: (girl's boyfriend's page)  and  (her page) .  Reading every single one of your mails..getting 10 emails a minute.   Gotten info from people in the military as how this "Luigi" guy can now get in trouble with his commanding officer for the email, as well as people who live near these thieves that have offered to run by them (thanx..but no thanx..  Violence won't help this situation..I want GLOBAL humiliation to help these punks realize what they have done.  Thanx again.  Lastly, I heard from people that know them, that the baby in the pic is the girl's son.  I am considering taking his pic off the even though his mom is what she is....he doesn't deserve being infamous also.

UPDATE #6: June 7th 12:30 a.m. eastern   Some people were asking how often I far it has been every hour-every other hour...This page has been up for 6-8 hours in total...I thank everyone who has linked,emailed, and commented on various boards/blogs.  I appreciate all the support.  There is one thing that people keep mentioning...  The fact that the girl is 16, and her boyfriend is 24-26.  And that she has a baby already that is at least a year old (we don't know if it's from him yet).  Yes...  That is messed up.  And hopefully the authorites will do something about that.  Also, it has been confirmed from friends living in Corona that the address given was fake (I guess he didn't have "ball")...  We actually do know where they live now...I am debating whether to post that on the internet since that was not given publicly to me by them.  I'll say this..they DO live in Corona..  They live near that address given, across the street from a school there....  As for the boyfriend's Myspace page...he deactivated it...  That's ok...I saved his pic anyways:  U can run..but u can't hide!!  I warned you when u started cursing me out that I would make this public...u said go ahead...So..with your permission...HERE IT IS:

UPDATE #7: June 7th 2:12 a.m. eastern  So..The girl has now removed her pics from her myspace acct and changed the info on it. I have received over 2,000 emails...  The site has gotten over 100,000 hits in the last 6 hours.  Thank you so much.  But we are not done..  I just need to sleep a bit, and will be back online in a couple hours to give u updates.  To answer a couple more questions...people have suggested I put a donations link up.  That is a nice thought..but I don't want to distract from the main idea of the site.  This isn't about money.  This is about what is right and wrong.  I am not doing this for a profit or to be famous.   I have written above why I am doing this.  That is why there is no banners and no requests for money.  Also, this will prove to people that this is not a made up ordeal.  I have seen also on some sites people become a bit prejudice over skin color.  I know these are interesting times with the debates over immigration...but I am not trying to show that these people did this because they are Latino...It could have been any kind of people that I would resent not doing the right thing.  I resent them for not being HUMAN beings...I ran away from home when I was 14 and was a minority white kid (1 of 3 white kids out of 500 kids of other races) in a homeless shelter in Times Square.  I had to learn to become respectful of all races, religions, etc.  Anyways, I don't want to get off base...  Just asking people to please not bring a negative light to this situation.  Also, people have been confused about who is who in this situation.  From what I am understanding..The brother is the large guy in the pic...he is 25...I believe he found the Sidekick first...he then gave it to his sister..who is 16 with a baby....Her boyfriend then got involved..he is the "military" guy who is somewhere between 24-26.  Lastly, here is a pic of the boyfriend in uniform:  
UPDATE #8: June 7th 3:25 a.m eastern  Ok..I was trying to go to sleep, but I checked on the mail one last time.  I saw that the military guy had emailed me again.  He stated that I was incorrect in my assumption as well as what other people have informed me.  He says he is the brother of the girl (who has no boyfriend) according to him and the big guy is a family friend.  I don't know if this is the truth because I was told that on the Myspace accounts, there was a blog on how she was fighting him over some other 16 year old.  I don't know what to believe unfortunately.  He also told me to remove his info from this page.  I replied that I wouldn't since HE was the one that contacted me first with the email posted above.  Here is my actual reply:

U got involved by emailing ME first..  I had no knowledge about u before.  And me talking about your family is NOT harrassment as I was given permission by your sister and her friend to post the information.  I have their permission on record. Everything on that website was public record.  That's the only reason I have not posted private materials like phone numbers and addresses that people have found out.  Cause a.) I am not trying to have any harm come to you or your family at your home or anywhere else for that matter b.) I wasn't supplied that information by u guys and would like to keep this matter legally in my court.  

What do u guys have?  A stolen Sidekick?  A threat made by u via email?  A threat made by your friend saying he would post my friend's pictures from the sidekick onto the internet?  I have had lawyers emailing me left and right...  I am in the clear here.  In fact, I was offered to be escorted to the police station to file charges against YOUR family. 

See...u guys can stop all this....  I want a APOLOGY and the Sidekick back.  That's all...  Not trying to threaten u guys..not trying to harrass u guys....Just want what is right..  Everyone realizes this except u guys.  Once that happens, the website with the pics and info goes down. That I promise..and as I have shown..I keep my promises... I will only write on it that the matter has been resolved.   

UPDATE #9: June 7th 4:29 a.m eastern Yes..I know..I said I was going to sleep..But I have been laying in bed mulling stuff over.  I want to make sure that I am legally in the right in this matter.  And as many of you have told me..I beleive I am.  We have established that these people have the Sidekick that is "stolen property" as it is reported lost and does not belong to them.  As for me posting their pics below....They took it with OUR Sidekick...which then were automatically uploaded to the internet by T-Mobile.  The AIM names and email address were the ones they USED contacting me and threatening me.  The Myspace pages are considered public access.  The street address I posed previously THEY gave me when I said I would post the information online.  As well as them stating to "go ahead" as they would in turn post pics of my friend that they had copied off the sidekick (which I'm guessing they were bluffing...too bad I wasn't.).  So....have I crossed the law in any way?  Everything I have done is public knowledge..I have even stated that I am not trying to "harm" them.  I just want my sidekick back.  I want an apology for what they have said and what they have put me through. 
I did get an email back from the military guy saying that they would NOT be returning the phone as then his "sister" would be losing money.  Hmm,..  We still haven't  established if she did "buy" that mabe we are talking about the SIM card purchase as well as a T-Mobile account.  Well..first sure that the phone will not be working very very soon...T-Mobile will be working on that tommorow as well as giving me the information of the person's account info....And don't go tossing it...cause we have already established u had it..and will be criminal tampering of evidence (thanks to all the lawyers who informed me of this in emails)  But let's say u did "buy" the phone which is stolen property....  If a crackhead drives by you with a car....and offers to sell u the car for $500....and you buy it...and then the cops come by and arrest you for having stolen you think you won't be losing money?  Maybe the people below feel that since they bought it for $40 (I'm throwing a random # out here), that my friend who paid over $300 for hers should be assed out...(almost $700 if u count the new one she had to buy). 
Ok..I'm done for the night...  I canceled work for the morning, so won't have to be anywhere untill 1:00 p.m. eastern.  If I haven't responded to your mail or added the link to the blog/board u sent me, I will in the morning..  Thanks again.

Update #10: June 7th 8:40 a.m. eastern Fell asleep about 6 a.m.  Phone has been ringing off the hook since about 8:15 by interns for news services for interviews.  This is all great..but I wish they had seen this page and realized I am on NO sleep right now...  Then I checked my email box...more emails then I know what to do with...BUT I promise I will answer each and every one...Just not at this moment...   Having problems with my ISP...nothing severe..Just the web page analytics have seem to be frozen since early last night, so I can't clearly give anyone data on page views and referrers...And I don't want to cheapen this page with a counter...  It should unstick itself hopefully....  I'll let you guys know...Also they are telling me that my acct can't handle privatizing some info that is kinda important....  fighting that of course...  I'm going to go back to sleep at the moment.  Last thing I can ask you guys...  The website that got the ball rolling the fastest and hardest was give them credit...  If u haven't already, can u "digg" the story on the second link below?  Again..this is not for fame or fortune..this is to keep the number of views up so more and more people can see this page and know what the people below did....u get the idea...  Ok..I feel like I am babbling...  I'll see u guys in another hour or 2.

Update #11: June 7th, 10:00 a.m. eastern I didn't go back to sleep.  The military guy emailed me again.  Repeated the same story.  His family is innocent.  His sister bought it from a cab driver...  She won't return it cause shed be out money.  Blah blah.   Here is my reply:

"if your sister really did "buy" the phone from a  cab driver, she HAD to know it was stolen.  Let me quote a lawyer from another email:
"Let me tell you about a legal tenet called "Caveat Emptor" it is Latin, it roughly translates to "Let the buyer beware" This is, in the USA, a law which, in effect, states that if you purchase something, you are liable as to its legal merchantability (to the most reasonable extent possible). In other words, you go into CompUSA and buy a Sidekick, you REASONABLY can expect it is being legally sold, and not stolen. You "buy" (even though they probably didn't) a Sidekick from a cab driver, you have, in fact, a reasonable expectation that it is stolen. And therefore YOU are liable to return it, and if you paid for it, tough shit."  
I OFFERED her a reward for the Sidekick. SHE turned it down.  SHE decided to be a tough guy.  Her and her friend.  Now it's too late.  The reward offer is WITHDRAWN.  I do NOT feel sorry for her or any one in your family since SHE brought this on herself.  If she had said that she was out the money she paid for it, I would have reimbursed her. I am repeating myself over and over again.  Like I mention on the webpage...  The phone will be deactivated anyway very soon.  So she will be out of money NO MATTER WHAT.  And don't throw out that phone as it will be tampering with evidence which is a FELONY.  As of right now, T-Mobile can prove that your family has the phone.  Don't make this worse for yourselves.  "

I am still answering emails.  And posting the links u send me below.  I have to go to work for a couple hours in a bit.  So if I don't get back to you now, check again later.  I just answered about 200 emails and have about 600 to go...kinda scared to see what will be in there when I get back.  Thanks again guys.  I leave you with this video of the girl below...shaking her...well...I can't even describe it:  

Update #12: June 7th, 7:00 p.m. eastern  Sorry for the lack of updates...I answered emails till 1 p.m. and then had to leave to work...But I made it a short day so I could come back and give everyone an update..Wasn't that nice of me :-)  Anyways....  I see that I have over 900 emails since 1 p.m.  I will try and answer as many as I can.  I will also add all the links you sent me to the ones below...I quickly scrolled though and must have counted at least 100-200 new links.  I also have received emails from people offering me ISP hosting...As of right now, I should be good.  I have unlimited bandwidth with this company...and so far I have not gotten the "digg" effect.(almost 3,200 at least count!).  I have also talked to some radio stations.  New York's 1010 WINS being one of them.  Interviews are being scheduled for this week.  (NOTE: if  you are a actual print/TV/radio personality/reporter, please put that in your subject when you email me)  I also saw that some people believe that is the girl in the video while others do not...  I will continue to read the mails to make my own decision.  I also received an email from someone who told me military guy's full name and that he gradated on april 27 2006 in D company 795 1st platoon warriors (they seem to have graduated together).  What else...  Oh..the girl updated her Myspace account:
"yoooo u stupid ass pp better stop messing wit me id have ya fucking phone ya better stop messing wit me ya dont no who u messing wit so leav me the fuck alone iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii donnnnnnt haveeeee yourrrr fuccckkkiiingggg phone soooooooo leav me aaaaaaalllooone"  
So I am soo sorry for bothering her and makin......wait a second...LOL...nevermind..  Didn't your soldier boy tell me that you DID have the phone and that YOU WEREN'T going to give it back because you didn't want to lose the money you spent on it??  Guys..get your story straight..First it was 2 different stories on how you got it...Now it's this.  Obviously I don't know who I'm messing with..I figured that you'd think before posting something like that on a public website.  Either way..I'm shaking in my boots and I can't stop my finger from typing more and more so that millions of people can see how scary you are.  Besides, even thieves are supposed to talk with each other once in a while..Plan out a story... Why don't you do that and get back to me.   Again..if you DID get rid of the Sidekick, I'd recommend getting it back as soon as possible.  We have you nailed in every way possible.  Don't make this worse for yourself.'s off to reading emails..Keep up the good work guys..and again...My appreciation to you.

Update #13: June 8th, 12:30 a.m. eastern    I'm so sorry that I haven't had some updates in a couple hours.  Been crazy..  Another 900 emails...  6 radio stations interview requests (still no TV...isn't my mug pretty enough for TV??)  Maybe they're afraid the people below will steal the camera or something)  I finally got the statistics for web page views...  400,000....not bad for a page that has only been up for 1.5 days.  But again..this isn't for the's for shame...  And that my little Corona friends means a LOT of people have seen your pics....  There are web sites dedicated to you (to be posted soon)...  While I can't condone the photoshopping, I must ask that you guys keep it clean..while she is "mature" enough to have a baby, she is still too young to go over board with in the pictures...  I also made a slight mistake with the site...  I don't have unlimited bandwidth like I thought...  Cleared 5 GB alone today...  So now I will be charged per GB.  Unlike other people <ahem> I won't try and steal so I can pay for it.  Luckily I can afford whatever it takes to bring these people to justice.  So far they haven't contacted me again...  Running scared?  I'm going to try and answer some more emails before I got to sleep in a bit...  Remember..I have had only 3-4 hours from the night before...On top of that I had to pick up a friend's dog (a Russel Griffin), so now I will be dog sitting for the weekend....and then I have to work most of the day tomorrow...Run over to the police station...then a T-Mobile tore... I'm getting a bit ragged...  On top of all that I have a convention for next weekend and I haven't hired any talent yet, and then my best friends' wedding next Sunday (I'm in the wedding party)....  So...this is gonna make me..or break me...LOL....Lastly...I want to remind people..that I don't condone going to these people's is an example email:

"Hey, just to let you know, i got a little bored this afternoon and camcorder in hand attempted to make contact with the suspect.... it did not go well. First off, the address she gave was a fake, but while driving to the fake address I saw her building(recognized it from the pictures off the sidekick of the balcony). I video taped a little bit of her block then decided to wait in my car to see if her or that fat dude came out. The real address is <REMOVED> . Anyways, her landlord came out and called the cops on me while i was sitting in my car, but she DID come out of the house while i was talking with her landlord, although I dont think i got any good shots of her,butIdidvideotapethewholethingsoyeah...<em><RESTOFTHEEMAILREMOVED>"

So, remember..I don't condone this action..and I also don't condone uploading videos and pics onto websites like and sending the links to me.  This is a very bad thing to do.  Naughty naughty....Buttttttttttttttttt since youtube is a public website I will post any video that is on there....of course if there was a issue with the legality of the video, then that would be youtube's responsibility to remove.  I love the law.  Too bad the thieves below don't...    OK guys..have a good night..tomorrow I will post the 300+ links you have sent me that  link to this page.  I am backlogged like you wouldn't believe..  I need to get an intern.  :-)

Update #14: June 8th, 10:45 a.m. eastern     G'morning.  I woke up to about 1,400 new emails...I had answered at least 400 emails till 3 in the morning.  So, after some emails suggesting I do so, I created a bulletin board for you guys to discuss. Please keep it clean in there.  If you have any ideas for more fourm themes, please let me know.   Keeping in the theme of AD FREE I paid for the forum to be clear of all banners and other advertisements out of my own pocket.  Getting a bit of flak now from my friends that I am paying now for bandwdith and this, I have relented to putting up ONE small donation link.  PLEASE, if you do not have money to spare, do NOT donate.  This is only to recuperate for expenses already paid for.  I am NOT trying to make money off of this (sad isn't it). Hopefully you guys will underdstand.  You can also discuss it in the forum.  If I see there are a lot of naysayers, I will remove it.  It will be with Paypal and it accepts credit cards.  Anyways, off this subject, I will have to leave to work soon.  There are no new updates to tell you guys. The website underwent a denial of service atack at 4 am for 1 hout.  Came right back up.  Will have to reasearch and see if it came from Corona   The next time I post, I will have been to the police station and have more to tell you.  The donation link and the link to the ad free forum is below.  Thanks again guys for undertanding.

Update #14: June 8th, 11:40 a.m. eastern  WOW...that was CRAZY.  You guys brought the forum down within 5 minutes of it being up. There were almost 100 people on it within 1 minute of my page update.  Anyways, I have been offered another forum host so he is creating it now for me.  So, I will update in 30 minutes with that link.

Update #15: June 8th, 12:30 p.m. eastern New board is up as linked below.  I want to thank Jeff @ infotech for donating his domain, his bandwidth, and time for us to have our forums.  Also, thank you to the people who have started donating.  I assure you that each of you will have a personal email reply.

Update #16 June 8th, 2:00 p.m. eastern  Guys...I'm so sorry....We killed another forum.  If anyone has a Vbulletin or other nicely coded BBS with a LARGE bandwidth line on a VERY GOOD server with limited or no banners, please email me with the subject "GOT A FORUM FOR YOU".  Again, I'm sorry if you guys already stated posting on the other 2 forums.  This has been a little crazy..and I haven't even gone to work yet today.  Please check back in a little bit for the new board to post on.

Update #17 June 8th, 2:35 p.m. eastern OK...35 minutes later and 20 offers of forums, I have chosen one with a LOT of bandwidth and server power to spare from my new buddy Joe..  Again ad free.  Thank you to everyone for the offers. 

Update #18 June 8th, 4:30 p.m. eastern  We killed ANOTHER server.  I have been slashdotted too, so it's even crazier.  There were over a 1,000 people in 10 minutes trying to register on the forum.  "The Sidekick Effect...Crashing servers everywhere" (lol..thanx for that one Joe) Well... Thanks to for this forum.  Hopefully it will last more than an hour this time.  And agan, thanks to the guys previously who made me a forum.  T-Mobile Investigations has contacted me after learning about this over the web.  Will keep you updated.  One last thing...Thought u might enjoy..a song written about this incident...  You guys ROCK: 

Update #19  June 8th, 4:35 p.m. eastern
  YOU KILLED ANOTHER SERVER.  IN TWO MINUTES!  This was an OC48 line with unlimmited connections on a dedicated server.  I give up. 
Update #20  June 8th, 5:00 p.m. eastern Try and bring down GOOGLE!  Last last last last attempt.  Thanks for keeping up with this.  Link to new form below:

Update #21  June 8th, 6:00 p.m. eastern Did anyone know there was a limit to how many posts you can do on Google's groups? you do. We reached the limit in less than an hour.  Google..why hast thou forsaken us?  OK..ONE LAST TRY.  Otherwise, just comment on other boards.  New text based forum below.  Also I will be going to the police station in another couple any unbelievers...Just wait untill then before you start spreading the wrong info. 

Update #22  June 8th, 6:25 p.m. eastern ever have one of those days....  Switching back to Google Groups...  If the post doesn't go through..just wait a bit and try again..Best I can tell you.  I don't know of any server that is not $$$ that will handle you guys..  Please join the show already in progress:

Update #23 June 8th, 9:40 p.m. eastern It is done.....  I have good news...  and I have bad news...  Good news is...I went to the police station with my friend today..  Bad news..I won't be able to supply you unbelievers with a case # until tomorrow afternoon.  That's how long it takes the NYPD to assign a # and assign a detective.   So please hold those negative thoughts until at least tomorrow afternoon and I PROMISE I will post the info here.  To my peepz in Corona: I'm really sorry this had to come to this.  I gave you ENOUGH time to come clean and return the Sidekick.  You have not contacted me in the last day or two.  I have no alternative now.  I don't know what you expected.  I have proof that you had the Sidekick in your possession.  I have emails saying that you have it.  Did you think you would just disappear? 
True story: When my friend and I left the police station in downtown Manhattan, we looked for a cab.  Seeing one drop off someone, we ran across the street.  As we got in, I saw the man had left his umbrella in the car.  Acting like a HUMAN BEING, I called after the man and informed him he left his umbrella..He thanked me and ran to get it.  It took all of a millisecond to know NOT to keep the umbrella..not to be a 5 year old child and say "finder's keepers, loser's weepers".  I could use a new umbrella...Sure..and when I goouttomorrow..I'llgoBUYone.  <sigh>  Anyways...I have been getting some flak about the donation icon. Again..You do NOT have to donate.  If I had put an advertisement on this page, I would have made thousands...  I didn't..I just said if you FELT like it, you can donate....and what are the donations going to you asked? is a sample bill for just a bit of YESTERDAY'S overages of bandwidth (trying to upgrade my account but my ISP is telling me that they will knock down my website for a bit while they upgrade my package which is unacceptable). was even bigger..I got slashdotted...and know the rest:


Update #24 June 8th, 10:05 p.m. eastern I forgot to mention one of the forums is back up on a much better server. So we will keep the Google Groups as well and use both forums. 

Update #25 June 9th, 1:25 a.m. eastern Nothing new to report.  Hanging out in an IRC channel that's listed on the forums....  The second forum is doing MUCH MUCH better now that the code is optimized for you guys as well as everyone not registering at once...  So if google's limits are getting annoying....join that forum also/instead.  My ISP has been showing me all 0's for my page views and all of a sudden updated to 452,502 page views.  I don't know if it is correct as I am being told it is in the millions by other engines.  Looking forward to Friday...  Will have the police going forward on this matter...maybe the whirlwind will slow down a bit.  I need to hire a intern...I REALLY want to respond to everyone that's been great enough to email...and also sort through important well as update the links (there are over 500-600 links to me least)...  So if your are in Manhattan...are not crazy looking...And have nothing better to do Friday or Saturday...and a fast typer...know how to work Windows....and have your own me with the subject "intern".  Let me know more about you and any other info you can...  Resumes are even better...this is NOT a long term job....I just can't keep up at the moment..  There is something in the works that will be huge...and I can't talk about it yet...  But trust me...  When you see it...  you'll know...  Next 1-2 days...  With that tid bit..I wish you good night..

Update #26 June 9th, 10:40 a.m. eastern Good morning.  Gorgeous day in Manhattan.  Will be calling the NYPD in a few hours to get the status.  The emails haven't stopped coming...  Thanks to Ryan K who sent me the code for the picture map below.  I should have done it myself, but as I've mentioned..I'm swamped...  I've been emailed that there are over 750,000 references in Google to the StolenSidekick ordeal.  I haven't checked that yet.   Gotten a LOT of email from Europe in the last couple hours..  Thanks for coming by. Probably the link from MSNBC didn't hurt:   The 2nd forum is still working strong. Oh...I got a juicy tidbit for you guys.  My friend checked her outgoing emails...and saw that the thief had emailed all my friend's pictures from the sidekick to [email protected] on the day it had gone missing.  Before I had even contacted them.  So...the last .05% feeling sorry for you guys has disappeared.  It's on now... 
Lastly..Cause people have suggested doing so, here's my latest bill from my ISP (actually going to call them after this I upload this page): 

Update #27 June 9th, 4:20 p.m. eastern Sorry for the lack of updates.  This is a little ridiculous.  I have been calling the NYPD precinct for over FOUR HOURS.  Once every 15 min.  I called the main line as well as the line I was told to call to get the complaint #.  NO one picked up either line for three hours..  Finally, a woman picked up the main line and said that they were very busy and to call back at 3:45 after their shift change.  Well I did wait..and then called at 3:45, 3:55, 4:05, 4:15, and now BOTH lines and still no one is picking up.  I can't call 911 because this is not en emergency.  I have better things to do today then to make my phone busy calling over and over.  I don't know what else to do.  If you work for the NYPD or for the city/state of New York, and you can accelerate this, please email me at the address below from a official email address and put where you work in the subject.  I will not reveal your identity online if you ask me not to.  For others, please do not spoof email addresses as I am trying to get this reolved.

Update #28 June 9th, 6:05 p.m. eastern I have continued to call continuously since the last post..both #s....  I know the NYPD has better things to do than go after criminals ('s not the Hope Diamond..but...hey..I felt important for 2 minutes)....but I don't know what to do..I again browsed some emails and saw some people saying that the police automatically assign a case #....That is not true... I thought it would be..I even left the station and walked right back in again when I didn't see it on the paperwork they gave me (papers had my rights and other info)...The officers said that it takes about 24 hours for a case # to be assigned..I contacted a reporter and asked if that was true..he replied that it was...  So I am still waiting...  I have an appointment I was supposed to be at 10 minutes ago..So will be gone for an hour or two..  I know that I am pushing this a little extreme to get the # right away..but my emails are piling up asking where the # is...  I'm trying guys.. I apologize about the slight delay..  Oh..One last thing...  I have worked out a deal with my ISP for 1.5 TB of bandwidth a month (will last me 7 days if this craziness continues that long)...  Will cost a bit extra..but no where near the same costs as before...but I am still stuck with the overages charges from the last couple days....  I'll keep you posted.

Update #29 June 9th, 8:15 p.m. eastern  I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like I just gave birth to a baby.....  You don't even KNOW what i just went through..Oh..well now I'll tell ya...  So, for the last 8 hours I have bombarded the precinct with phone calls....Over and over again....  I haven't called someone this much since my first ex girlfriend broke up with me....LOL....  Finally, at 8:00, I stopped by a payphone and called 311.  311 is a kinda information service in Manhattan...since I only have a cell phone, I couldn't call from there...  I explained the situation to the operator...She said keep trying to call..undaunted I said there HAS to be something we can do..she said no..I asked for a supervisor...  Supervisor answered and I told him of my plight...He suggested calling Police HQ at 1 Police Plaza in Manhattan...So I got the number and called...Operator there told me to call Police Borough....which (from my understanding) is in charge of all the precincts..  I repeated the story...and he gave me the # to a desk he said was 100% staffed...  I called...and SOMEONE PICKED UP.  I immediately told the officer I needed the #.  He said it usually takes about 48 hours for the case to get a #.  My heart FELL...Again, I was undaunted..I said that they had told me the day before 24 hours...  He took my name and number and told me he'd call me back...  4 minutes later my cell phone rings and it's an officer from the precinct...  He asks me some questions to confirm my identity...As we are talking, my cell phone stars beeping that the battery is about ti die...see, I had called all day and killed my battery...JUST as he confirms who I am...MY BATTERY DIES....  I AM NOW BUGGING...  I immediately, grab my Sidekick and try calling him from that phone (I have two cell phones..the Sidekick though is really for texting, email, and AIM voice minute plan)...THE LINE IS BUSY...  I BUG EVEN MORE....  palms are sweating...I try again..busy...  hearts about to explode out of my chest..I am alone..but I am screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO"....  I try again..BAMN..It's ringing...  3rd ring, someone picks up..I tell them who i am, the officer asks if anyone was talking to me...The officer who was..gets on the phone..and tell me the #...  LIFE IS GOOD...  That's the story...  Anyways..I'm gonna go out...  I'll see you guys later..

Oh wait...were you guys waiting for the bad: #003801  For all the unbelievers...  Did you just feel that...that was me sticking my foot deep in your...... Tomorrow I will be speaking with the assigned detective to give him the evidence... 

Also, I am going to remove the Google Group from the forum list...some people are being extremely racial...and that ain't cool...There is always someone that ruins it for the 2nd forum will now be the main..  It can handle the load now fine.  Thanks again for sticking with this story..the ball is rolling..We will have closure soon...  Lastly...  The band that made that awesome song contacted me again tonight and informed me that they will be recording the track officially in the studio on Sunday night....I don't feel this is a form of advertisement as this pertains to the subject;..and the song sounds great.

Update #30 June 9th, 9:20 p.m. eastern guys are getting a little stir crazy...  I am hearing a BOATLOAD of conspiracy theories all of a sudden...  that this is a T-Mobile viral, that I am out here for the money, that since my website has pictures of my friends and models that I'm a sleeze, etc...  I can't fight every single discussion..I don't have the time or energy for that...besides..the really negative people wouldn't listen...I will say this...this is not a T-Mobile viral...if it was..and it came guys would DESTROY T-Mobile for doing this to you..  I am NOT here for the money..I have TURNED DOWN massive amounts for link offers on this page, advertisements, putting their link on top of the links below, T-Shirts, mentioning them, etc...  Have I DONE any of that????  The ONLY thing I did was put up a PayPal that I SAID for people that they don't have to donate...and especially don't donate if they can't afford to...I've shown you the bills...I AM paying for this website..for this attention out of pocket...  And finally...let's talk about my other websites...  Yes..I have lots of friends...and yes...I take pics of them...I have a fun life...  Is there ANY reason I can't do that?  Does that BLOCK me from putting up a website about this incident...  I don't think so...  Someone also started posting a link to a business website of mine in forums...  Saying that I was promoting that and that's why I was doing this...well guess what genius..I took down that website..YES..I would rather LOSE money from one of my businesses online, then be called a liar and a cheat..  I know I am ALLOWED to work..and ALLOWED to have business websites..but some people want to deter you from the true objective of this website.. And I won't let that happen.. And I don't want you to see this as me breaking down..But I am laying down the facts....  This website is ONLY for promoting the shaming of the family in Corona that wouldn't return a item that belongs to someone else...  This is the final time I want to speak about this..Let's get back to what we started... 
Oh..and one more thing..  THE PAYPAL IS GONE.  Oh snap...will this be the last of the bull I am hearing from people?  I guess not only will I lose money from removing one of my business websites, but now will have to carry the costs of this entire operation...Anything to make you guys happy.
Last, but not least.people are saying the complaint # should be longer...I apologize..I called the precinct again..and they informed me to add 2006 for the year and 009 for the in all: complaint #2006-009-003801

Update #31 June 10th, 2:20 a.m. eastern  I know it's late...Sorry for no updates for a bit...there has been a LOT going on...  I've been checking my mail...and reading the forum...  It was a little crazy there....  For the last couple days..  I got nothing but praise, admiration, gratitude, etc for this site...(I plan to post a BEST OF EMAIL page...once the intern(s) kick in)..Then today, when I was unable to post the complaint #, life turned sour... People were stressing...and that was stressing me...  I'm known for being honest...and to have complete strangers on the Internet start to not believe, this bothered me (I know. I�ll call a shrink one day to work that out)...  As the hours became later and turned to chaos, I became "the man that tricked the Internet"...  It was craziness... soon as I posted the #'s (without the beginning sets), then everyone was like "ha...we knew it. See...he is faking"...  1 hour later...when I posted the rest of the numbers (which again. the officer NEVER informed me of) the chaos (as fast as it had begun) ended...  I got an amazing amount of emails out of nowhere for me to ignore the unbelievers. And to keep on doing what I have been doing..  Amazing support...  I'm a little twisted by it...  How fast people can turn on me...  I love you guys and I respect the attention you have given this page...But you need to realize something...  THE REAL WORLD DOES NOT MOVE AT THE SAME SPEED AS THE WORLD ON THE INTERNET.  I don't know how else to explain it...  I can't PUSH the police into moving any faster.  I can't PUSH the Corona Crew into responding to anyone.
After Update 29, I saw an email from an individual who said he was with the NYPD.  This officer (who will rename nameless...but has my many many thanks) found this page on a forum  He is the one that actually informed me that I was missing numbers and prompted me to call the precinct.  Once I supplied him with the correct complaint #, he told me that we needed to talk.  So we met up 1 hour later where he handed me these 2 printed out pages:  and (BTW...this isn't a document that is normally given to civilians) .  It seems that there was a SERIOUS error made when the officer at the precinct we went to filled out the forms. I 1000% told them that this was stolen property...  The officer though filled out a "lost property" form.  He then also filled out many parts of the form wrong.   When I tried to ask him where the info for the Corona Crew would be, he said the Detectives would get in touch with me....  Well, the officer tonight informed me that the previous officer had misinterpreted the situation..  The case was already considered closed.  So he provided me with a new form for "stolen property" (form #61) and since he has read up on this page, he told me on what information need to be where, so there would not be any confusion at the precinct, and classified it as "petty larceny and criminal posses ion of stolen property".  So tomorrow I will have to go back to the precinct and start all over again....  There are no words to express how I feel about this...  I know that the naysayers will feel they have a voice again...  But I am hoping that you will understand that there was NOTHING I could do about this..  I will of course update you with the newest information as soon as I have it..  But be aware...I am NOT giving up...Nowhere close to that....  There WILL be closure..

Update #32 June 10th, 11:15 a.m. eastern Nothing new to report really...A lot of people haven't even seen the update above yet  (sleeping is not an option I have had lately..was up until 6 answering forums and emails)..The emails from around the world are still pouring in.  They are massively positive and supporting.  I am trying to keep up in responding. I haven't selected a intern yet...  Responded to a couple emails...I really want to be careful..I want someone with a laptop in the vicinity so I can make sure they are doing the right thing and not ruining the reputation of the page I have fought so hard to uphold.  So, if you are still interested in being an intern and can type fast, known Windows, have your own laptop, and can come to Manhattan, please email me with "Intern" in the subject.  Someone with html coding will be even better (I want to add pages like "best of mails" and a auto link adder for sites linking to me...etc..But don't major changes).  Remember, one of the easiest and fastest way to get my attention or to show support is to log into the ad free forum posted below.  I check posts there more than I do email.  Also, if you are a media outlet, please mention this in your subject.  I have missed four radio shows interview requests because they failed to do this and I didn't see the email until I did a search after people told me they heard them talking about me over the radio.  Finally, I am waiting for my friend to go to the police station to file the redone report.  She thanks you for the support you have shown us (she thinks I'm a bit crazy for letting this get so big...but is not objecting to long as no one goes overboard.  I'll update you in a bit  And if you are in Manhattan...go outside..enjoy the gorgeous weather...

Update #33 June 10th, 2:45 p.m. eastern So..keeping you updates as promised...with no new updates.  lol...sorry.  We are in a holding pattern.  I talked with detectives as well as my source.  Since we started at the precinct downtown, we have to continue with that one..getting the complaint amended...On top of that, my friend HAS to be there too.  And I won't see her until much later tonight (yes she has a private life <unlike mineitseems>..and no..this isn't a fishy conspiracy subject).  Again, the outpouring of support in the forums and emails are great.  

Update #34 June 10th, 7:45 p.m. eastern Hey guys.  So it seems the large guy (I have no idea what to call him) has responded to a blogger.  He claims that he never stole the Sidekick and just because there is a picture of him on it doesn't make him guilty and that he has proof that I sent people to harass him (I am paraphrasing here.. The English wasn't too good).  First off, I never sent anyone to "harass him".  People found his MySpace on their own..I only pasted what was on other forums.  I also never posted his home address...or gave it to anyone...  As for the picture...  if you read the original AIM chat log I had with him and the girl: , you will see that he states he has it...  that's when they took the pictures.  Case closed.  Here is the definition of petty larceny in NYC (thanks again to my new cop buddy for the link): .  Anyways, since this blogger was the first one to be in contact with them, I am granting them a Podcast interview in a little bit.  We'll have a link soon afterwords.
I also noticed that out of all the people on the board, there are only 4-5 conspiracy theory nuts, trying to dig up dirt to try and show how this is a hoax.  It's kinda pathetic. I've shot down every one of their theories...  They keep bringing up my past like what i ate for breakfast 10 years ago has relevance to this page and whether o not it's truth full.  The last one was an email I got from a guy telling me that he KNEW it was a hoax....because I used [email protected] instead of my own email address.  Sure..  That explains everything.  Of curse I want 2,000 mails a day to come to my main email address...  why not kill my business email addresses and mix everything together!  These people need to remove the tin foil hat they made so we can't read their mind, turn off the TV show about Roswell and Kennedy, and go open the doors so the guys in the white jackets can get them the help they so desperately need.  And you know that they'll just disappear without even a apology when everything gets squared away.  I know you guys want closure already..but again..this is the real world...  I am not asking for ANYTHING but a simple page view so we can keep this ball rolling.

Update #35 June 11th, 12:20 a.m. eastern No new updates with the police matter.  My friend felt sick tonight..went to sleep early (and to head off the conspiracy theorists: No she was not poisened by the FBI, nor caught a cold from "the taxi driver" or by T-Mobile even)..So we are going to go in the early afternoon.  Again..I know the internet never gets sick...but in real life..people do..and that causes delays..I hope she feels better, and we'll go from there. 
Last for this update is a link to my interview ( Itunes or MP3 ) that was done tonight by who had contact with the large guy (as I mentioned above).  Enjoy.  Have a good night everyone..  Will update you tommorow.

Update #36 June 11th, 3:00 p.m. eastern I'm an idiot..  I can admit that freely.  I was soo worried about attacks on my character and my position on this matter, I looked at it as everyone was attacking me.  I saw all the praises..and all the people defending me in the forums...  But all I could concentrate...and waste my time answering were the critics and people posting my personal info.  Then it hit me....  It was just 2-3 people...  The same ones over and over.  In different forums.. and comments on blogs...  Everywhere.  Trying to distract people with "info" about my past history..  What kind of girls I've dated, lies about me trying to make money, me partying all weekend long when i was younger, etc.  They would take a fact, like that I lived in Miami for 9 months and manipulate it so that I was so rich that I had a home in Miami AND Manhattan.  People would respond:  Good for him.  What does that have to do with someone not  returning a Sidekick that belonged to someone else.  And then they'd disappear into another thread on another forum and spout the same lies.  One of these people is "xdj4" or "xdj2005" (he has so many different names on different boards).  Do me a favor people. 
When you see someone bring up my past in a derogatory way..  First click on their name/profile.  See if they had only made 1-2 posts on a forum.  Also check out their other posts.  See if every one of them is making outrageous claims about me.  You can also ask them for links to where they got that anybody can make up a "quote" quite easily..  One of my friends just called me and told me his girlfriend in Switzerland heard about this website and read in a forum that "I place ecstacy tablets under my eyelids to get high".  I don't even know if that is physically possible.  These people are wackjobs (conspiracy theory #1: they all come from Corona) and I wasted enough of my time and your time talking about them.  So I apologize for being stupid for a quick minute.

Last piece of news...I have had numerous offers of help from people with government jobs in NYC.  As soon as this complaint mix up is fixed I'll be taking them up on their offers.  Thanks to all of you.

Update #37 June 12th, 1:20 a.m. eastern Hey guys..  I have been offline for most of the day.  I had to get out..and get away...  Was a beautiful day here in the city.  Too bad it got ruined when I almost got detained at the 9th precinct.   Why was I almost detained?  Well..  My friend and I went to the police station at 9 p.m.  As soon as we walked in, the officers there were like "what do you want?".  I replied that we needed to amend to a complaint # that had been filled out for us.  So an Officer S. came over to us and asked us what was up.  We replied that when we came in last time, we had asked for a stolen property complaint and instead only had a lost complaint made that was automatically closed.  We informed the officer that we had evidence of who it was, corroboration from the brother, as well as information from other NYPD officers who knew about the case that it was indeed a case of petit larceny.,  The cop looked at me and said that this case was closed and they are not opening it.  The phone was lost.  That's the end of it.  I replied that if that was so, does that mean if I lost a wallet and then someone found it and used what was inside.  And then when I found out who it was, and asked for my stuff back, and was refused, was that not a crime.  Officer S. said it wasn't.  Now I was really mad.  This was ridiculous.  I mentioned on this page previously that it was up to the officer's opinion on his translation of the law on what would happen.  So I asked for a supervisor.  He then noticed that I had some official police paperwork with me.  This was supplied to me by the NYPD officer I also mentioned previously.  He asked me how I'd received it.  I said that another officer had given it to me to show how the form SHOULD be filled out as this offer knew it was a petit larceny as he knew the facts of this case.  Officer S. got really mad.  Asked me again who gave it to me.  I told him I didn't know the the officer's information.  Officer S. told me that I and my cop buddy were in a lot of trouble right now and I better come up with a name.  I replied to him not to change the subject and to get me his supervisor.  He then told me that when he got me his supervisor, we'd all be in a lot of trouble.  He told me to go sit down in a waiting area and not to leave.  I was really nervous because 1.) I did not want the NYPD officer that had helped me so nicely to be in any sort of trouble.  2.) I didn't want to be in trouble myself.  We sat down and we heard him and the other officers at the desk arguing if this was a crime or not.  It sounded like they were in my favor but officer S. would not budge.  After a while of waiting for my friend and I, Officer S. came back and asked me again how I got the paper.  I told him that I didn't know.  He then told me in no uncertain words that I should take this paper back, and walk out of the police station with my tail between my legs.  Undaunted, I said that I wasn't going to do that.  He said you don't come into a police station and tell the officer there what is a crime and what isn't.  I replied that having someone else's belongings and not returning it IS a crime.  We are not in Candyland (c) playing finder's keepers, loser's weepers.  He told me that he was going to do me a favor and give me back the paper so my friend wouldn't get in trouble.  He then told me I would NOW have to go to the 17th precinct to report this.  Why the 17th precinct?  Because they handle items lost in taxi cabs.  I didn't know that you had to go to certain precincts to report certain crimes.  The next time I am stabbed (godforbid), I hope that someone informs me whether or not to go to the 5th precinct or 12th precinct for reporting it.  All I want to do is report a crime.  This is ridiculous.  Have no fear though.  I have many surprises for the NYPD tomorrow.  They WILL listen to me and the thousands of you who have written me and the millions of you who are reading this page.  I have radio interviews as well as other interviews scheduled for tomorrow.  I am TIRED of being victimized by the system that is supposed to guarantee me my rights as a citizen and a human being. 

Tomorrow the news is breaking out of the Internet and onto people's front doors.  The first is a column in the New York Times.  I would like to tell the readers to note that the writer of the story NEVER contacted me, but used a random quote off a forum from someone that didn't know the facts.  If he had asked me I would have told him that we HAVE confirmed the girl's identity when the brother contacted me and said his sister HAD it and wasn't returning it.  There is no mistaking that. The article itself can be seen here:: (free registration required).  You can also read people's thought on this article here: .

One other note.  There are now 168,000 pages shown linked to this page found by googe:  Not bad for a page only a couple days old.

Update #38 June 12th, 1:05 p.m. eastern So, there IS news to report this morning. "Gordo", the big guy in the pictures.  He says that i incorrectly stated that he was Sasha's boyfriend in one of my updates.  I did do that as I was told by people living in Corona that knew him that said he was always with her and they assumed he was the boyfriend.  If not, then I apologize retract that statement.  Still, does not settle the case of the phone not being returned.  He confirmed that the Sasha still had it, and will return it for the money that she "paid" for it.  I am waiting now for a response back to as how much and other info.  The final thing is that he wants an apology from me for all the publicity he has gotten.  This is NOT going to happen.  If I hadn't made this public, they never would have contacted me again. If I hadn't sent this story to multiple websites, people wouldn't have gotten for me their information.  If you weren't reading this site, they wouldn't feel pressure now to return the phone.  I guess we'll have to wait now for their response to this.

I have received numerous emails from NYPD officers who stated that I did get the run around.  That this was a clear case of petit larceny.  They and others are telling me that this is a fact of life now in New York City to classify any crimes a lower status than they really are.  That's just pathetic.  I don't even have words to describe how I feel about this. Hopefully they'll feel some pressure from the media.  I did a interview this morning with Big Rig on in Tampa, Florida, with radio in San Diego, and just now with 1010 WINS here in Manhattan

For all my supporters out there, please contact anyone you know in any government services in New York City.  Tell them about this website.  Let them know what is being done.  Let them know there are now 220,000 web pages linking to me,  Thank you.

Update #39 June 13th, 12:20 a.m. eastern The first announcement.  I am ENDING this saga by this weekend.  If the police don't do anything, than I have no more faith in the right thing to be done by anyone anymore.  I have received the many emails thanking me for this story..telling me it made them happy that someone was fighting for them.  <sigh>  Honestly, this journey has almost not been worth it.  I've wasted a week of my life on doing something right.  Everyone expects me to answer all their questions in emails and in the forums...and if I don't answer right away, I am "hiding" something.  Conspiracy this and hoax that. 

I have an interview with a national TV news crew coming to my apartment tomorrow morning.  I am not even looking forward to it.  I took off from work today to do radio interviews.  Now I have to take off tomorrow to do this, to try and light a fire under NYPD buttocks to get things moving.  I can't afford this anymore financially or mentally.   It seems so simple.  If you lost a $15,000 diamond ring, according to the cops the new finder of it can keep it.  Even if the owners contacts that person, the famous court case of "looser's weepers, finder keeps" featuring Donald Duck vs. Daffy Duck comes into play.  How does that make sense?  How do you automatically become the owner of someone else's property.  Should I go up to someone outside, and wait for them to put their bag down and be like "aha..I FOUND your bag..  Now it's mine!".. 

I have been told that there is a chance I was mistaken about the girl on MySpace's video.  It MAY not be her. I have heard both yes and no.  On the chance that it may not be her, then I am very sorry.  Just to let you know, I am the one that had MySpace pull the video page down after I saw the thousands of nasty comments you left her.  Even if it was the right girl, it was a little excessive so I contacted MySpace.  As for Gordo, calling him Jabba and fat is insensitive.  While he did call himself that in the AIM conversation, I should have more restraint.  So...Gordo..I am sorry too.

Speaking of Gordo though..  He contacted me again today.  Here is his email:
"her mom came today and she said the she was the want the buy the phone if u want the phone back u have to give the $100 dollars the she paid for the phone . and she also said the stop harrasing a under age the u going to be and trouble and if u dont want to give the money back u never going to receive the phone back. now i going to talk about me i told you to stop talking about me and you keep talking was you problem if u are a really man come to my house you now were i live and talk and we settle like man i dont feel pressure for no body you see the i hire i dont run because i know what and doing maybe the want the have to run if you went her mom doing what she told me take care she have everithing printout all the harrasment because you went you see this message told me if u want to settle up o you want to keep talking in the web with dont care if in u hand"

I HONESTLY have NO idea what the heck he just said.  I got that they want $100 for OUR phone.  And that his mom is collecting evidence of  me harassing them for OUR phone.  I dunno what she has been printing out.  I am in full rights of posting their pictures here as they illegally (in T-mobile's eyes at least if not in NYPD's) used OUR phone to take pics which got uploaded to OUR account.  When she refused to give OUR phone back, it became OUR right to post it.  Kinda like when a underage robber robs from a store.  The owner has the RIGHT to post their picture (thanks to cm on the forum). 

So we have confirmation that they have something of ours...and the police feel that it doesn't matter....I just wanted to rehash that.

Lastly, I am NOT going to put up a donation link.  But I haven't worked in almost a week keeping up with this and I am a consultant.  If you feel like donating, and you can afford it, and you don't care about the people complaining what i am doing with it (when it really isn't any of their business in the first place, then you can go to Paypal and send money to [email protected] .

I'll post after the interview tomorrow.  Goodnight.

Update #40 June 13th, 2:05 a.m. eastern WOW.  THIS IS CRAZY NEWS.  I was just about to go to sleep, when I got this email from someone named "Khisanth".:
"Hey, I'm sorry for the slightly vague subject, but I didnt really know what else to put. I'll keep it short and simple. I saw your page, and so I started posting it wherever I could, to any friends on AIM, anything. It turns out, one of my friends who lives in NYC has a cousin which is good friends with the girl who had your sidekick... yes had. He immediatly called her house phone, and started talking to her, while talking to me. It turns out that she sold the Sidekick, which is why she is unable to give it back, and also that her family is preparing a counter - law suite against you for harassing her and her family. Now, I have no idea about the legal side of anything, but I just thought you'd like to know what little information I could find out regarding the issue. My friend wants to stay anonymous, and he would not give me any personal information regarding the family itself, so that is pretty much all I know"

WHAT THE HELL?    So she SOLD our Sidekick...  After we had contacted her.  So either that's why she needed the money, to buy it BACK, or she was faking all along and never intended to give it back.  And now she is going to SUE me after selling someone else's property? 

I've had many lawyers contact me but no one has offered me their services pro bono.  If you are a lawyer or know of a lawyer that would be interested, please email me with the subject "lawyer".  This case will be getting even bigger in the media..   I'm amazed at this new development. 

Update #41 June 13th, 9:25 a.m. eastern NOW I'm mad....  I was really tired last night.  Feeling like this was going nowhere...  Now that I have slept (6 hours) I am ready to go to war.  First let's go to Gordo's newest mail:
i dont know what to tell you i tell you is not her the one the paid for the phone i was her mom i think u dont want to settle about the phone and now u have people calling her to the house get this straigth i dont know what you thinking but this dont finish here if you keep talking about us we dont care what u said. but we getting tired of you and you story next do a movie to see if u make money and dont ask for donation to people they really dont know y you doing this i can give you donation if u want too if you need a lawyer paid for it with the donation good night

Soooo now you are saying the MOTHER bought it....  and gave a phone to her daughter that didn't belong to them in the first place.  Great parenting skills...  No wonder the daughter has a baby at 16...  Oh.. you don't like that can't sue me for the truth!  You guys can't get your story straight.  First the sister says that Gordo found it and gave it to her, then Gordo confirms that he found it, then the brother says the sister bought it from a taxi driver, then Gordo says the mother bought it???  MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!!!  So..Now you are going to come after me???   How about the crimes you have commited.  Petit larceny when refusing to give it back, and now selling stolen property. And then there is the matter of the brother's threatening email.  I'm sure the military would love that.  As of right now, I'd rather BURN $100 than give it to you.  The SAD fact was that I was just hoping to teach you a lesson in civility to a fellow human being.  If you had turned in the Sidekick, I was PLANNING on buying Sasha a BRAND NEW ONE with the money people have donated..  A gift for doing what is right.  That is now NEVER going to happen.  The group of you has consistently lied to me and all chances to do the right thing are out the window.  I have the world agreeing with me on the facts of this whole ordeal.  There are now 326,000 websites pointing to mine.  I have thousands and thousands of emails.  All because people are amazed at your actions of not returning someone else's RIGHTFUL property.  Who do you have agreeing with you???

There is only one thing missing for your lawsuit though...  The people in the emails and in the forums know..  You had to have served this or you can't prove anything.  I'm not going to tell you what it is...  cause why help you?  But without it, the case is closed.  You had all the chances to contact me.  And you didn't..  Enjoy being in the news..

Update #42 June 13th, 12:00 p.m. eastern Ok..A lot of you have still been asking about my friend..the one who lost the phone.  She has now given me permission to talk about her.  The reason WHY she hasn't been available is, she is getting married this weekend.  This is a once in a lifetime event for her.  So you can understand why she has not been around.  Now to add to the chaos surrounding her wedding plans, she had used that Sidekick to send email to the consulates in Russia where her only sister was trying to get a visa to come to the wedding (she has been denied twice for no reason).  The reason she was frantic to get the Sidekick back was to view the emails and email addresses that was her correspondence with the US and Russian consulates (my friend herself is an American citizen).  When she lost the Sidekick, she lost all that.  Now I know that you can view the emails online, but that's only if you register with T-Mobile online for that.  And you can only register it, when they send an email to your phone.  That was one of the reasons why she immediately offered a reward for the phone..and why we were so upset when Sasha ignored the emails and hundreds of calls while forwarding at that same time all my friends picture's and other mails off the phone.  Because of this girl's failure to return the phone, my friend's sister was DENIED a visa to come to the wedding (she was supposed to be the maid of honor).  Yes, my friend did lose the phone...  But I believe if anyone else had found the phone before Sasha, my friend would have gotten it back within hours.  Now that her sister won't be there, the only family my friend will have in the wedding party will be her mother (her father passed a few years back).

If you want to help my friend with getting her sister to get a visa, please call and email American embassy in Yekaterinburg, Russia  Email: [email protected]   The sister's name is: Elena Kurepina from Omsk, Russia. 

I hope this does not distract from the story.  I just want to show people the consequences of Sasha's actions.  And why I am so upset at her.  I was asked before not to talk about my friend's private day, but after hearing her cry day in and day out about this, I convinced her that her story must be told.

Update #43 June 13th, 11:35 p.m. eastern   So the tv crew had to cancel today.  There was a stabbing and I got preempted, which is totally understandable.  Thing is, I took off from work again today, and I HAVE to go to work tomorrow...  So I don't know when I'll have time to do a TV interview.  Thing is, I might not have to.  I wasn't doing it for fame or fortune.  The whole purpose was to catch the NYPD's attention.  And it seems I have.  They contacted my friend today and we have a appointment back at the 9th precinct on Thursday night, hopefully with Detectives present.  I was told that they had received calls and were told by superiors to talk to us.  I'm really hoping that this is the last time.  Thursday night is my last free night.  I have been sleeping 5-6 hours a night and need a break from this. 

As for the legal implications of harassment charges from the Corona Crew...  I received an email from who specialize in helping people find lawyers.  They've been nice enough to give me a consultation with a staff attorney at their company and expedited helping me to find an attorney through their network. When I talked to the staff attorney, I was informed that the chances of them filing anything was vastly improbable, as well as the chance of winning was virtually impossible.  We have confirmation from the brother, Sasha, and Gordo that they have the phone... We have their pictures and address...  So we now we have the right people and are not blaming the wrong people.  I have directed people to do them no harm..  And have repeatedly tried to contact them.  All 3 of them have/had public MySpace accounts which make their online presence public domain.  The pictures were taken below with OUR sidekick and uploaded to OUR account.  End of story.

I received a LOT of emailing CCing me on their way to the embassy.  My friend, her fiance, and I want to thank you.  We have also been in contact with the staff of 2 people in congress.  I'll keep you in the loop of that matter.

Lastly, Jay, who purchased a day or 2 after I made this page has generously redirected the site towards here. Keep in mind the domain is not on my server, so in time when he needs it back, it will point back to his server.

Update #44 June 14th, 5:05 a.m.     I received a call in the middle of the night saying that the family was INDEED pursuing a harassment case against me.  Whether or not they have a case is irrelevant.  Anyone can sue someone now a days for anything.  So, I removed the contents of this website. I am protecting myself as ANY of you would do for yourself.   Now... I don't want you to see this as caving in or admitting guilt.  The point of this website was to find out who these people were, try to get them to do what's right and give back what wasn't theirs, and if they didn't do that, have the police publicly pressured into pursuing this case.  As I mention in the last update, the police have stated that they will when we meet with the Thursday night.  I ask that EVERYONE come back to visit this page for updates to make sure that the NYPD stay true to what they said.

I am leaving the forum link up for people to discuss.  Please remember that this is a public forum.  The owner of the forum, the moderators, and I are NOT responsible for content posted on it.  Please make sure to read the rules before you post.

Last but not least, again I ask if you are a lawyer in the New York area and are willing to take this case pro bono, please contact me in the email below with the subject "Lawyer".

Thank you for all your support guys.  I did this to right a wrong.  I hope I don't get crucified for trying to be moral in an immoral world.

Update #45 June 14th, 6:35 a.m  <sigh>...  You know..the first night I actually go to sleep before midnight, I get woken up to this... 
As you can see, the site is back up.  I spent the time between posts talking to (they are based in California, and it is 3:30 a.m., yet they saw I had taken the page down and contacted me right away).  I am in the works to protect myself from any frivilous lawsuits.  One thing I was reminded of is that all the information I have provided on this page is PUBLIC DOMAIN.  And that I have the right to free speech.

Update #46 June 15th, 12:15 a.m.  I messed up tonight guys.  I FINALLY went to work today.  While I was there, detectives from the 9th precinct called my friend and said it was very important to meet her tonight.  So I ran to her place to be there, plus to give her all the paperwork I had accumulated.  In the rush, I left my power adapter to my laptop at the office.  Maybe this is a sign.  To give myself a break from the boards and emails for the night.  So  I'm rushing to put this update before the half charged battery dies on my laptop.  
To go on with the story, I got to my friends place about 5 minutes before the detectives came.  When they did arrive, I was there with my friend.  They shook her hand, and when I put out my hand, they just looked at it...<sigh> Anyways, they told her they wanted to talk in private.  Rather than argue with them and lose this opportunity to get what we wanted done, she went across the street with them and talked to her for about 30 min while I waited in front of her building twirling my fingers.  When she came back, she was all smiles.  Seems that your support has helped and now they are doing something.  I don't want to talk about too much as we don't know who is watching this website, but the wheels are in motion.  And, sorry guys, this time I'm not gonna kill myself to get a case #.  When I do get it, I'll post it here.  Even though the detectives blew me off, I'd like to thank them for doing the right thing.  Keep checking for updates
Lastly, I was the call in guest on tonight's DJ Rossstar's Punk Rock Show.  I'm sorry I didn't update the page in time for some of you guys to hear it.  The information though was posted all over the forum.  For more info on the show go to .  he will also let you know when it will be available for download in the near future.

Update #47 June 16th, 1:30 a.m. Absolutely nothing happened today.  I worked all day...  Had to catch up on a lot.  I will call the police station tommorow and ge the report #. 
Thanks to Antony for the better html.  Will have better updates tommorow.

Update #48 June 16th, 11:40 p.m. Well, that didn't last long..too many people informed me that either they didn't realize that they could click on the dates for it to expand, or that the new page format wouldn't work on their the Sidekick...  And that would just make NO sense..  So we are back to normal.  Anyways, I just got off of work.  I tried calling the 9th precinct 3 times today to get the new complaint #.  The phone just keeps ringing and ringing.  I'm not going to do what I did last time and call 500 times....sorry...I told you I will be busy this weekend.  I'll let you know of any updates.

Update #49 June 18th, 12:15 a.m. For the first time I missed a an update...I told you guys I will be extremely busy this weekend.  The wedding and all.  Anyways, I tried calling the precinct 2 times yesterday and still no answer.  I have NO time as well as no patience to call today.  I will see what I can do tomorrow.  Also some of you may have noticed the forum is gone..  Unfortunately, there are people in this world (about 4 of them) that insist on showing everyone gay porn.  I don't know if they realize that you can get that at the local gay video store, or just by visiting a gay adult website.  But none the less, they feel the need to show everyone on the forums it.  We tried deleting these posts, but the  "gay porn attacks" were becoming numerous...and rather than having people being subjected to it...especially a underage person's eyes, it was shut down.  So I apologize to everyone for the stupidity and selfishness of others.  I am always available via email below.  There is one other way which has not been corrupted yet.  That is via IRC (using a program such as mIRC): irc://   

Update #50 June 20th, 6:45 a.m. Hey.  Again, sorry for the lack of updates. I have had a LOT of work to try and catch up.  Anyways, I tried calling the precinct and AGAIN am not able to get through.  Now that my friend is done with all the wedding stuff, I will ask her today to take over that job...and if still no answer, to go down there herself.  I also heard from another person that a lawsuit is being formed against me by member(s) of the Corona Crew.  Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat.  I was just reading a news story this morning about a guy that robbed a store, and is now suing the employees who caught him....not because he isn't guilty of the crime....but because they caught him OUTSIDE the store... 

Update #51 June 20th, 10:05 p.m.  Wow...  I have no words to express how I feel right now.  Vindication, appreciation, relief....  Just some of the words I can think of... 

It's OVER.  The police picked up Sasha on Thursday night.  They also got the Sidekick back.  My friend is picking it up tonight.  For all the doubters that thought the story was made up, that I was doing this for money, that it was a viral ad, that I had the wrong people....  You are now proven wrong.  All in all, you few naysayers don't matter.  What matters is all the people that did support the very IDEA of this story...that morality IS important to you.  That doing the wrong thing will NOT prevail over doing the right thing.  And to show that, my friend is NOT going to press charges against this girl.  We both feel that she has learned her lesson.  We are not vengeful people.  We just wanted what was right...and what was right was  for someones property to be returned.

Here is the New York Times FULL page article (with pic) about the story:  Three notes to the story...  When the mother says that they gave me an address to come pick up the Sidekick, that was the address I posted above...which turned out to be a fake address...    Also, she mentions that they bought it at the subways station for $50...  Yet they told me (among other stories) they got it from a cabby...and were trying to sell it to me (supposedly) at $100. Sad that the stories are still being made up.  Lastly, it wasn't thousands that came to this was MILLIONS...  On top of that, according to Google, there are now OVER 401,000 websites pointing to this one: 

Hopefully, the forums will be back up in the morning.  I would like to give it one more try.  I will update you guys on that if it does go live again.

Update #52 June 21st, 6:20 a.m.Quicky update..  The forums are now officially back up.  PLEASE note...  We need your help in deleting inappropriate comments and pornographic links.  If you see this, please post the user name and link to post in the Ban Request Forum on the front page of the board.  Please also be aware that I won't be available to respond to comments untill after 6 p.m. eastern. 

I woke up this morning to over a 1,000 emails congratulating me on a successful "mission" for getting the Sidekick back...and justice.  Thank you.  We are already on the front page of and again. I can't believe the speed of the news traveling over the internet as well as the regular press.  The NY Times story is on the front page of the Metro section (page B1) as well as on 1010 WINS radio in NYC ( <the interviewer almosts gets attacked with a brick while interviewing people in Corona> 

Lastly, the question has arose on what we plan to do with the Sidekick.  Donate it to charity, sell it on ebay, hang it on the wall.....  We don't know.  But I will keep you updated on that.

Update #53 June 21st, 10:15 p.m.  Whoah...  My phone has been ringing off the hook with interview requests from radio and TV....I hear that I'm on almost every NY news show tonight (by the way..if you recorded it and uploaded it to, let me know)   And I'm turning them down..  I told you from the beginning, that this was NOT about fame and fortune...  This was about getting it back....and now that we have...  We are going to end this with a bang..instead of a whimper... I will do ONE tv show interview...  Probably a morning show on Friday....just to thank everyone...  and then it will be over.  Is that stupid?  Will I be giving up the opportunity of a lifetime...  Maybe..  But I'd rather think that I can become a legend on my own...  without the story of a stolen sidekick.  Besides...I'd rather go out with a bang now then a whimper later...

I also got an email from a person who seemed rather upset at me.  He asked me why I would waste everyones time with this Sidekick story instead of focusing on people being killed all over the world.  And he's right...  Kind of...  I am writing about what I know.  I have no knowledge of writing about someone else's life.  Instead of being upset at me, this person should go start a blog of his own...  and get the word out..  And hopefully people will listen...  But to me mad at me about writing about what I know...just seems silly.

Last but not least, we will be putting up a ebay auction (probably this weekend) for the Sidekick with a third of the final sale price going to a charity (I am looking for one that helps children of single mothers...such as this one: )  The other 2/3rd will be split between my friend and I.  Why would we keep money some of you naysayers may ask?  Because we have the right to do so...  I have spent MORE than enough time on this website, and more than enough time fighting for whats right.  Now that there are threats of lawsuits in the air, and the fact that I have lost countless hours of sleep and work, the fact that bandwidth and websites are NOT free...I will do what is most definitely to help myself.  And this does NOT distract from the theme of this site.  Again..if you don't want to bid..  DON'T.  Couldn't be simpler.  If you don't want to participate in the auction, but want to contribute to the "Help Evan With Possible Future Legal Fees Because of a Frivolous Lawsuit", then you can sent it to my email address ([email protected]) via .

Update #54 June 22st, 12:00 p.m Quicky update.  As I said yesterday, I will be appearing on only ONE tv show, just for the closure aspect of this whole story.  I have chosen ABC's Good Morning America for that.  I will be appearing Friday morning.  I will get back to you guys with more info.

Update #55 June 22st, 8:25 p.m  See...that's why I shouldn't rush updates.  The GMA interview was rescheduled now for next week.  I was supposedly the discussion on MSNBC at 3 though as well as a segment on Fox 5 (WNYW) 10:00 news.  Missed them both,.

My friend picked up her Sidekick today.  I have no further details on Sasha's arrest or anything else. I will let you know when I do.

Also, I got some emails that Sasha made an appearance on UPN 9  TV (NY) on the news.  She claimed to be scared...  and that people were coming by her place (even though I have told people not well as never giving out her address)....  I don't know how to respond to that.  I never made a comment against her that would suggest violence..yet her and her friends/family have to me many times over.  (i also have received numerous threatening emails from friends of theirs that I have not bothered to put up here...  I don't even want to give them the satisfaction of acknowledgement).  I didn't tell her to not return the fact I PLEADED with her and her family to do the right thing...and they didn't...So, Shasha...Don't blame me for your situation...  Blame yourself.   And don't say that your just a 16 year old girl...  Since when does that make it ok to steal?  What age does it become NOT ok to steal?  Besides..every member of your family was helping you..and they are all adult age...  Stop trying to play the "VICTIM" here...  The police caught YOU with someone else's property...  You could have stopped this from day ONE.  YOU made the choices that lead to this.  Now live with your decisions.

Update #56 June 23rd, 11:55 p.m  Great news today.  I got in contact with T-Mobile and was told that they would match the TOTAL amount the Sidekick sold for and donate it to a charity for single parents (up to $5,000).  This was extremely generous of them and my friend and I thank them.  I will pick up the Sidekick tomorrow and the auction for the sidekick should be out by Sunday night.  I've never sold anything on ebay before, so I am trying to get it right the first time. 

Update #57 June 25th, 11:55 p.m  I had a great weekend break...  Sorry for lack of updates....   Hopefully tomorow, I will get the auction started...   I was also sent some links:...  So here they are for your enjoyment: (the MSNBC  TV story) and  (1010 WINS radio clip)

 Update #58 June 27th, 6:55 a.m I'm sorry it's taken so long to get this ebay auction out.  I have never used Ebay before to sell anything...  I have only used it a few times to buy anything....and that was many many years ago.  So, after some advice from email land, I have Ebay's Turbo Lister up.  It is supposed to start the auction today at 3 p.m while I am at work.  I will try and remote in and get you guys the auction # a little bit after.  Thanks for being so patient. 

Update #59 June 27th, 11:15 p.m So I am 1000% exhausted.  I got up this morning at 6 a.m. (like I do every morning), and I just got home from work about 11 p.m.  I am about to pass out.  But before I do..  I will let you know that the auction is UP.  (you can also find it by going on and searching for "stolensidekick") As promised, I will be donating a third of the auction total to charity as well as the T-Mobile donation of the total amount ($5k limit).  I am still looking around for charities..  I want to make sure that the donations go to the right place.    I also will be meeting with T-Mobile at 8 a.m. at one of their midtown stores.  Z100 (a NYC radio station) will also be there.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I am going to go check out my Wikipedia entry ( ) and then go to sleep.  I'll catch you guys tomorrow.

Update #60 June 29th, 3:15 p.m  Well..Ebay took down my auction.  They cited the fact that the charity letterhead and authorization had not been posted to the page.  So, tommorow I will be going to the charity personally and get the exact paperwork and resubmit the auction (this of course limits me to charities based in Manhattan).  I apologize to all the bidders and hope you come back to the new one I will hopefully put up by tommorow..  The auction was about $1,400 at last viewing with 20,000 views.  

Also the Wikipedia page has been deleted..for the third time.  So basically...Just not having a good day.  <sigh>  Will get back to you guys later with more info/

Update #61 June 30th, 10:20 a.m  So I am now just waiting to pick up the paperwork from the charity I have selected as well as hearing back from T-Mobile that their legal department approves of them.  I'll then scan everything in, and hopefully have the auction back up by this afternoon. 

Update #62 June 30th, 4:36 p.m  Ebay is up.  Will update this page with more details in a little bit...Have to run.

Update #63 July 3rd, 2:20 a.m  So, the auction is going pretty well.  As I mentioned in it, the charity I picked is The Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families.  Their link is:  The link to their acceptance lettter is 

Watching the auction has been hectic.  Seems like there are a few people that don't care that part of the auction is going to charity and are trying to put in fake bids..  Thanks to the support of all of you, we are catching them one by one. 

Update #64 July 4th, 5:00 p.m. Happy July 4th!  The weather is kinda dull today...been raining a bit..  Going to a BBQ in 10 minutes..Hopefully, it won't be rained out.

The fake ebay auctions of Sidekicks supposedly from this site is getting annoying...  Now I am getting emails from bidders telling me that these guys are emailing them saying to buy these fake Sidekicks instead..  <sigh>  Anyone else getting tired?  All I can say is that the only auction I have is the one linked on this website below...  It is also the only auction of a Sidekick with a charitable donation.  The auction is now at $2,550 with over 25,000 clicks and 3 days left... 

Update #65 July 6th, 12:30 a.m.  So...there are 40 hours left to the auction...  It's at $3,150 at the moment.  That's $4,200 for charity so far...  That's great!!!  The only other thing I can ask you guys is to tell you friends about this auction.  I want to get it as much attention as possible in the last hours...    Again, I can't thank everyone enough for all the great emails and support.  This site would have been nothing without all of you.

Update #66 July 7th, 9:15 a.m. Well...this is it...the last day of the auction.  To date, over 40,000 people have visted and have bid now $3,500.  That means about $4,700 for charity.  There are about 7 hours left in the auction (ends about 4:30 p.m. Eastern).  Good luck.

I'm sorry there have been no more updates in the actual saga.  We have decided to wait to hear from the DA before we make our decision on the charges.  Some people have emailed me asking what happened to my friend's sister and if she made the wedding.  Unfortunately, no she didn't.  She was heartroken but the wedding was beautiful in the end...  And she is taking her new husband to Russia in the next 2 weeks to introduce him to her sister (that is what she will use her 1/3 of the auction money for).  

Update #67 July 11th, 9:15 a.m.  <sigh>  I was hoping to be done with this website.  I guess I was dreaming.  Now there are new complications.  It turns out that the top bidder of the charity auction is a fake.  This AMAZES me.  Who would be stupid enough to mess with me?  Wouldn't you realize that I can put up your private info and instantly humiliate you across the world?.  On top of that, don't you care that you are taking away money ($4,800) from children that desperately need it? 

Towards the end of the auction, I contacted the top bidder to confirm his identity.  He lived in the UK, so I was a bit worried about a fake bidder.  I called the phone number he had listed on ebay and he answered.  He told me he would pay 1-2 days after the auction ended by credit card.  I saw him make multiple bids overtaking others.  In the end, he won.  I sent him an invoice and waited for the transaction....and waited...and waited.  On Monday (yesterday), I called the number again.  When I asked for the person's name, I was told that no one lived by that name there.  So, I hung up, and tried again.  Again I was told that that person wasn't there, and asked if I was a male escort they were waiting for a phone call from.  There were multiple voices in the background...  I waited about 20 min, and tried one more time.  This time, when I called and asked for the person, I was asked if I was a pedophile...  When I replied no, the man on the phone told me this person was a 14 year old boy (his son).  I told him I was tired of the games...  He said that since it was his son making the auction, he was not responsible.  He then cursed me out, told me he would sue me for harassment if I called again, and hung up.

Big mistake.  I have already contacted Ebay.  Once they won the auction, they are in a BINDING contract with me.  Even if it was his son, the father is responsible for the bid.  This morning I have received email from the top bidder.  Now he has a new story.  He said he lives in a flat with multiple roommates and he left his computer on, and someone must have bid.  That's too bad.  Now it will be his responsibility to find out who. 

Some people have emailed me if I feel bad about the fact that Sasha is a 16 year old girl....  And now the SLIGHT chance that the top bidder may be 14 will probably increase this mail.  Let me tell you a story that not even my closest friends know.  When I was in 7th grade, 2 of my friends and I went a couple blocks from the school and lit a small fire on some wet leaves.  Was it EXTREMELY stupid...Yes...  Were we pyromaniacs?  No.  We were just curious...  We thought we were being smart by lighting the fire near a river...  But the fire grew out of control.  My eyelashes actually turned white from the heat.  The fire department was called as well as the police.  The fire was put out and my friends and I were put in the back of a police car in handcuffs.  For the next 3 months, I had to visit a burn victims unit in the hospital.  I was extremely grounded, and not allowed to see the friends anymore.  I was also informed that if we had burned the private house down near where the fire had raged out of control, my PARENTS would be liable for damages.  If anyone had been hurt in the fire including firefighters, we would have faced grave charges.  As it was, my parents had to pay multiple fines for my actions.  Can you guess how many times I ever played with matches again?   ZERO.  It's called lessons in life.  If you excuse anyone for their age, how will they ever learn?  At what age is is ok to do bad things, and what age does it become wrong?  It needs to be shown that there are consequences for people's actions. 

I will start contacting the lower bidders today.  Hopefully this thing can be resolved quickly.  I really do not want to have to start a new page to humiliate Fake Ebay Bidders with their personal info posted on it

Update #68 July 19th, 1:10 p.m.   Sorry for the lack of updates.  I have been waiting for one of the bidders who contacted me to buy the Sidekick on Ebay so I could update you guys on it.  What i didn't realize is that Ebay is restricting my Ebay account from emailing ANYONE.  Honestly, I am too tired to even talk about it, so just read the actual Ebay conversation: 

Update #69 July 26th, 10:00 a.m.   Hey guys.  I am REALLY trying to end this website.  In a day or 2, I will be archiving the site, and putting up a summary of the events for future readers.  I haven't decided if I will remove the pictures of just fuzz them over.

As for the Ebay auction, not only has Ebay screwed me, but they even charged me for the auction yesterday.  I have now received MULTIPLE emails from bidders saying that Ebay NEVER emailed them the 2nd Chance Offer I sent them..  It only put it in their "My Ebay" page.  Since they weren't alerted by Email, they missed the offer.  Here's the funny part.  Ebay DID allow multiple scammers to send these bidders fake 2nd Chance Offers directly to their email.  Just not my real one.  On top of that, they allowed these fake people to send them messages on Ebay, while blocking mine and various other people who have offered assistance.  I have sent multiple emails to Ebay with no response back. 

I am at my wits end with this whole matter.  I can't waste any more time with this.  I am NOT putting up another auction.  Please email me directly at [email protected] and make me an offer for the Sidekick.  This goes for the past bidders who I am unable to reach as well as anyone who missed the auction.  I am not setting any dollar amount.  Ebay should have no problem with this since they have already charged me for an auction they have blocked me from doing any actual transaction on.  Of course, I will keep to my previous commitment and donate the same potion to charity as well as the T-Mobile offer.

As for Ebay, I will NEVER use them again.  I have received THOUSANDS of emails from people who have gotten screwed like I have by Ebay losing large amounts of money and getting no support whatsoever from them. 

If you want to chat with me or other people about this subject, you can join us on IRC: irc:// (you will need mIRC or another IRC client to log on)


To the Corona Crew (Sasha , Luis <Luigi>, and Gordo):
Listen..I am attempting one last time to contact you.  You can email me at the address below.  It is NOT too late to settle this.  I really don't want to make criminals out of you.  I don't want this to cost you any money for lawyers or other matters.  I just wanted you to learn what is right.  You can do this by returning the Sidekick and apologizing.  If you don't have the Sidekick anymore, than tell me who has it.  A "I don't know" will not be acceptable as a $400 device does not just disappear.  After tonight, it will be in the NYPD's hands and out of ours.  Do what's right.  I promise you that everyone will respect the fact that you learned your lesson and the matter will be resolved.  If...(sorry)... WHEN you get arrested, those pictures of you in handcuffs will follow you around the rest of your life.  I honestly don't want that to be the outcome of this. 


[email protected]


(ENDED - The Auction) (The Auction - ENDED)

(IRC) irc:// (IRC)


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